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Keyboard stands

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Keyboard stands

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Proel SPL 252 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 13647

Τιμή : 73.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Proel

Proel SPL252, “SNAP LOCK” adjustment system professional two-tier keyboard stand, double frame design.   [περισσότερα]

Proel SPL 253 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 13648

Τιμή : 140.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Proel

Proel SPL253, “SNAP LOCK” adjustment system professional three-tier keyboard stand, ouble frame design.   [περισσότερα]

Quiklok M 2

Κωδικός: 13658

Τιμή : 82.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok M2, Tilt,Height & Depth Adjustable Second Tier Add-on for M91, Rubber- coated tier arms hold keyboards firmly in place, Securely attaches to main keyboard tier of the M-91, Front to back tier depth measurement: 12.6" -32.1` cm2nd tier height positions (4)...[περισσότερα]

Quiklok M 91 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 13659

Τιμή : 162.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok M91 - "THE MONOLITH" Single-Tier Keyboard Structure,Front to back top tier depth: 14.56"- 37 cmFront to back bottom leg depth: 16.53"-42cmSide to side width: 33.46"-85cmTop to bottom height positions(9): from 26.2" to 36"from 66.5...[περισσότερα]

Quiklok QL 642 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 13670

Τιμή : 140.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok QL 642 - Heavy Duty, Double-Brace "X" with Height & Tilt, Adjustable Second Tier, Options: QLX-1, QLX-2, QLX-3, QLX-4, QLX-5, QL-622, Leg depth: 26" - 66 cm, Main Tier depth: 17.9" - 42.5 cm, Second Tier depth: 15.8" - 41 cm, Second Tier...[περισσότερα]

Quiklok QLX 3

Κωδικός: 13685

Τιμή : 56.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok QLX 3, Height, Tilt, Angle & Depth Adjustable Second Tier Add-on Five positioni height adjustment Four positon angle adjustment QLX-4 Mic boom or QLX-5 music holder can be added   [περισσότερα]

Quiklok T 10 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 13706

Τιμή : 30.50 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok T 10, Full Sized, SIngle-Brace, Single-Tier, "X" Options T -14, T-15, T-16, T-17, QL-662 Leg depth 19.8" -50.3cm Tier depth 14.1" - 35.7cm Folded height 38.6" - 98cm Brace tube size 30mm X 15mm Tier tube size 28mm Weight capacity 160lb - 72kg...[περισσότερα]

Quiklok T 20 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 13711

Τιμή : 44.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok T 20, Full Sized, Double-Brace, Single-Tier, "X" Options T -14, T-15, T-16, T-17, QL-662 Leg depth 19.87" -50.3cm Tier depth 14" - 35.7cm Folded height 38.6" - 98cm Brace tube size 20mm X 15mm(X2) Tier tube size 28mm Weight capacity 180lb -...[περισσότερα]

K&M 18881 BLK Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 10994

Τιμή : 40.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

K&M 18881 Attachable to keyboard stand 18880 to hold an additional keyboard. Fully adjustable in tilt. Weight: 0.9 kg, Height: 200/370 mm, Depth: 340 mm, color: black   [περισσότερα]

K&M 18950 Silver Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 10999

Τιμή : 125.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

KM 18950 professional keyboard stand/folding table - heavy-duty all-purpose stand, suitable for any use. This versatile stand has many points of adjustment (including individual height adjustment for each leg) and rubber pads on all contact points to protect instruments. Can...[περισσότερα]

K&M 18990 Silver Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 11001

Τιμή : 53.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

K&M 18990 Silver Keyboard stand Rick Heavy-duty adjustable steel construction with double square tubular cross supports. Patented push-button quick-release mechanism for easy operation. Non-marring pads on support arms. Will accommodate second keyboard with optional...[περισσότερα]

Ultimate CMP 485 Clamp

Κωδικός: 14790

Τιμή : 25.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Ultimate

Ultimate CMP 485, clamp for Apex XXL-boom arm TBR 180 and for Standard arms TBR 130  

Quiklok BX 8 Bench

Κωδικός: 24282

Τιμή : 44.50 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok BX 8 This economical bench is super-comfortable featuring an extra thick, wide seat cushion that measures 21 x 10 in.. Its reinforced construction is computer-welded for high quality. To fit your body and sitting style, the BX8 provides 3 adjustable height positions...[περισσότερα]

Quiklok BX 9 Bench

Κωδικός: 24283

Τιμή : 40.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok BX 9 Comfortable 21" x 10" seat cushion with steel rail reinforcement. Constructed with 25 x 25 mm steel tubing. Computer-controlled welded for consistent high quality. Three height adjustable positions. Up to 250 lb. weight capacity. Durable textured vinyl...[περισσότερα]

Quiklok T 22

Κωδικός: 24348

Αρχική τιμή: 98.00

Τιμή : 90.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κερδίζεις: 8.00 (8%)
Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok T 22 Double-brace keyboard stand with fully adjustable second tier Options: T-16, T-17, QL-662 Leg depth: 17.94" -45.5cm Tier depth: 14" - 35.5cm Folded height: 39.82" -101cm Weight capacity: 177.7lb - 81kg Weight: 14.45lb - 6.5kg Brace tube...[περισσότερα]

Ultimate JS ZS100 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 24953

Κατασκευαστής: Ultimate

επικοινωνήστε για ανταγωνιστική τιμή

Ultimate JS ZS100 Sometimes you have a piece of gear that just doesn't fit neatly onto a standard stand. That's why we have the Z-style Mixer/Keyboard Stand. Big enough and strong enough to support large mixers, 88-note keyboards, DJ gear, and more, you won't know how you...[περισσότερα]

K&M 18810 Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 26197

Τιμή : 109.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

K&M 18810 Keyboard Stand - two-sided spring-loaded locking screws make precision height adjustment easy. The support arms can be adjusted to suit any size of keyboard. Table is completely flat. Dimensions: H: 600/1020 mm, AA: 270/870 mm, AT: 345 mm. Weight: 8.5kg;...[περισσότερα]

Clavia Music Stand EX Music Stand

Κωδικός: 26568

Τιμή : 58.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Clavia

Clavia Music Stand EX - music stand for Clavia C1/C2, Nord Stage 76 and 88 (revision B models). Wide version with rugged rubber surface. Dimensions: 700 x 250mm [περισσότερα]

Ultimate AX 48 PRO APEX Keyboard Stand

Κωδικός: 27822

Τιμή : 235.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Ultimate

Ultimate AX 48 PRO APEX, Apex Pro Keyboard Stand - 2x adjustable holders (1x short pair - TBR-130 & 1x long pair - TBR-180), each level can hold up to 56kgs, the arms and legs can be stored inside of the stand for transportation, new top cap, high quality lacquer finish....[περισσότερα]

Quiklok WS 421 Multi Function Stand

Κωδικός: 28719

Τιμή : 95.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok WS 421 Multi Function Stand: Heavy duty fully-adjustable Multifunction Structure with foldable legs. Sturdy frame provides a solid base for supporting all kinds of gear, including keyboard /controllers, digital pianos, DJ coffins, recording...[περισσότερα]

Σελίδες:   1 2 3    Range: