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Speaker bulk cables

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Speaker bulk cables
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Belden 46382 Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 11767

Αρχική τιμή: 2.15

Τιμή : 1.80 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κερδίζεις: 0.35 (16%)
Κατασκευαστής: Belden

Belden 46382, speaker cable 2conductors - 2x1.5mm Conductor 32 x 0.23 mm bare Cu (1.5 mm² ) Insulation Material PVC Diameter over insulation 2.50 ± 0.07 mm Colour of insulation Black and red Material Flexible PVC with matte finish Diameter over sheath 7.00...[περισσότερα]

Belden 46381 Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 11766

Τιμή : 2.25 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Belden

Belden 46381 speaker cable, 2 conductors - 2x2.5mm

Belden 46380 Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 11765

Αρχική τιμή: 4.43

Τιμή : 4.20 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κερδίζεις: 0.23 (5%)
Κατασκευαστής: Belden

Belden 46379 Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 11764

Τιμή : 4.75 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Belden

Belden 46379, speaker cable, 4 conductors - 4X2.5 mm

Belden 1307A Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 11729

Τιμή : 1.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Belden

Belden 1307A - Non-Paired- Speaker Cable, Suitable Applications: Speaker Cable,Direct, Burial,Indoor/Outdoor Home Theater,In-Wall, Speaker,Outdoor Speaker, Number of Conductors: 2, Total Number of Conductors: 2, AWG: 16, Stranding: 65x34, Conductor Material: High Conductivity...[περισσότερα]

Belden 1308A Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 11730

Τιμή : 2.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Belden

Belden 1308A - Non-Paired- Speaker Cable Suitable Applications: Intercom/PA Systems,Sound/Audio Systems, Number of, Conductors: 4, Total Number of Conductors: 4, AWG: 16, Stranding: 65x34, Conductor Material: High Conductivity BC - Bare, Copper Insulation Material: PO -...[περισσότερα]

Belden 1313A Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 11731

Τιμή : 7.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Belden

Belden 1313A - # Low Capacitance/High Conductivity (Audiophile grade, superior frequency response, extended distance runs)# Oxygen Free (High purity, No corrosion)# Polyolefin Insulation, Highly Strand conductors( Extremely Flexible)# CL3 Rated for in-wall use (also NEC:CMR,...[περισσότερα]

Evidence Shiren II Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 12564

Τιμή : 28.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Evidence audio

Evidence Shiren II   The Siren II™ The next-generation Siren speaker cable     Design Consideration:  ...[περισσότερα]

Klotz LY 225TSW Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 10522

Τιμή : 2.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Klotz

Klotz LY 225TSW, 2X2.5 speaker cable

Klotz LY 215TSW Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 10521

Τιμή : 1.60 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Klotz

Klotz LY 215TSW, speaker cable, 2x1,5mm

Mogami W2921 Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 22845

Τιμή : 21.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Mogami

Mogami W2921 speaker cable   These unique professional speaker cables are originally designed to deliver maximum performance from state-of-the-art Tri-Amp Systems. They offer true audiophile performance for accurate sound transmission...[περισσότερα]

Mogami W3082 Speaker Cable

Κωδικός: 22846

Τιμή : 8.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Mogami

Mogami W3082 speaker cable This standard speaker cable is designed to meet XLR audio connector cable clamp. Coaxial Design is used to provide as large a conductor size as possible, which results in the following features: Large conductor size of 2.0mm (close to #14AWG)...[περισσότερα]


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