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Βάσεις Ηχείων Studio

Σε αυτή την ομάδα προιόντων μπορείτε να βρείτε ''βάσεις στήριξης - studio monitor stands'' για ηχεία υψηλής απόδοσης.

Βάσεις Ηχείων Studio
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K&M 24465 Wall Bracket for Speaker

Κωδικός: 21755

Τιμή : 29.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

K&M 24465 wall bracket for JBL Control 1 speaker - Dimensions: 85 x 153 x 135mm. Weight: 0.6kg

K&M 24475 Wall Mount Stand

Κωδικός: 22897

Τιμή : 67.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

K&M 24475-000-55, wallmount stand for Genelec 8000 series, black

K&M 26720 Speaker Stands

Κωδικός: 25195

Τιμή : 65.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

K&M 26720 Steel stand for monitors with 3-leg base, stable and solid. Height adjustable with a non-scratching locking screw and additional safety pin, internal cable routing possible. Specifications: Support plate 205 x 245 mm with rubber bumps....[περισσότερα]

Quiklok BS 402 per piece Monitor Stand

Κωδικός: 27732

Τιμή : 46.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: Quiklok

Quiklok BS 402, Height Adjustable Near-Field Monitor Stand Speaker plate dimensions: 9” square - 23 cm square Height Positions (5): 30.7”, 34”, 37.4”, 40.7”, 44” - 78, 86.5, 95, 103.5, 112 cm Base Size: 14.5” x 16.1” - 37 x 41...[περισσότερα]

IsoAcoustics ISO L8R130 Speaker Mounts

Κωδικός: 28169

Τιμή : 94.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

IsoAcoustics ISO L8R130, adjustable speaker mounts - raise speakers by either 63 or 77 mm to align tweeters with ears, and/or tilt down for use on a meter bridge or tilt up for use on a desktop. Substantially improves both tightness and depth of bass by acoustically...[περισσότερα]

IsoAcoustics ISO L8R155 Monitor Stands

Κωδικός: 28170

Τιμή : 115.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

IsoAcoustics ISO L8R155 monitor stands will vastly improve your monitoring accuracy. Get tighter, more extended bass and more solid stereo imaging from your studio monitors, without investing in new monitors. How is this possible? Well, IsoAcoustics has designed the...[περισσότερα]

IsoAcoustics ISO L8R200 Monitor Stands

Κωδικός: 28171

Τιμή : 155.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

IsoAcoustics ISO L8R200 extra-large monitor stands will vastly improve your monitoring accuracy. Get tighter, more extended bass and more solid stereo imaging from your studio monitors, without investing in new monitors. Really? Yes. You see, IsoAcoustics has architected the...[περισσότερα]

Monkey Banana Monkey Tree Speaker Stand

Κωδικός: 29977

Τιμή : 222.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Monkey Banana Monkey Tree 75cm set, monitor stands, custom built for Monkey Banana Turbo series (4/5/6/8), made of metal, Dimensions LWH: 240 x 165 x 793 mm, weight 12,1 kg, sold as pair. [περισσότερα]

Monkey Banana Monkey Wall Speaker Mount

Κωδικός: 29978

Τιμή : 49.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Monkey Banana Monkey Wall, wall mount for your Monkey Banana Speakers, fits to Turbo 4, Turbo 5 and Turbo 6, for optimal distance to the wall as well as the perfect mounted angle, Adjust the side and the downward angle, One set contents 1 Pair of MonkeyWall, Weight: 1,2kg,...[περισσότερα]

Metro SS015 Studio Monitor Stand

Κωδικός: 30817

Τιμή : 30.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Metro SS015 Studio Monitor Stand Specifications: Material: Steel Height: 800-1300mm. Tube: 35-38mm. Max Load: 50kg. Base: 0.35m. [περισσότερα]

K&M 26740 Studio Monitor Stand

Κωδικός: 11031

Τιμή : 107.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

Κατασκευαστής: KM

K&M 26740, studio monitor stand, rounded base, optional height, table steel stand for monitors with broad completely level round cast-iron base-diameter 450 mm, Rod combination height adjustable using clamping screw and safety splint. For the direct attachment of monitors...[περισσότερα]

Ultimate MS 45B (pair) Studio Monitor Stand

Κωδικός: 14794

Κατασκευαστής: Ultimate

επικοινωνήστε για ανταγωνιστική τιμή

Ultimate MS 45B (pair), Design Studiomonitor stand, black, 115 cm height, column fillable with sand, die-cast zinc base with spikes (unscrewable), 35kg loadable, head end plate 23x23cm !!! Attention: price is for a pair   [περισσότερα]

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